Solar Panels for Architectural Projects

The new generation of solar architectural panels now in mass production.

We offer the new solar architectural panels of top-quality, high performance, scalable and different colours. The excellent panels may integrate to the roof or walls of homes and they produce electric energy that makes the opportunity for homeowners to be the Independent Power Producer (IPP). It is not a traditional solar module. It is an aesthetic construction material, solar energy generator and architectural panel in one.

Made in Germany to fulfil the high technical requirements, the solar architectural panels are the most economical and aesthetic solar panels on the market. Our latest product generation is suitable for rooftop solar systems and solar parks. Due to it’s finished and reflection-free surface, the modules fit as ground-mounted. Thanks to the elegant product design, the roof stay always beautiful, regardless of whether this is the private house, public, commercial or factory building.

Architectural and integrated PV panels have a standard size of 62.48 x 26.14 inches. Each construction panel selected for your project and, in combination with standard and individual panel sizes, create exclusive sun-roofs, parapets, facades of buildings and constructions. Thus, architects, designers and builders have the greatest freedom for designing, building and placing panels on the facade of buildings and roofs.

Because of the complex photoelectric semiconductor, the solar panels are perfect and aesthetical. Thanks to the innovative production technology and strict quality standards, the solar panels may use in various architectural projects with the highest aesthetic requirements.

Besides, we use a special coloured glass so that the architectural panels could be of different colours. Unlike conventional colour photovoltaic modules, our building panels use the reflection of sunlight to produce their own colour. The front glass reflects a narrow spectral range of visible light for colour generation. It transfers the rest of the spectrum of light to the panel and converted into the electric energy.

The solar panels we may customize. Using the mix of standard and size-adjusted modules customer create the exclusive and tailor-made solar roofs and facades. Thus, builders, architects and designers of roofs and facades have the greatest freedom for their design planning and arrangement of the building envelope.

Our product makes construction business much more innovative, powerful, competitive and more profitable. These frameless reinforced panels are without the mechanical clamps for glass. Thus, project-specific approvals not required anymore for the use within the building skin.

The solar panels are no ordinary facade cladding material. These are multifunctional building materials generating clean solar energy as a functional add-on. We can say the materials fulfil the requirements of sustainable construction and achieve excellent environmental performance and improve the energy performance of the building.

With the requirements of zero emissions and energy save houses, solar and the building industry is growing together as in commercial properties and residential buildings both new and old. Here, solar facades play an important role in contributing crucially to heat and sound absorption, and at the same time realizing visionary energy concepts with sophisticated architectural solutions.

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Technical specifications

Data measured under standard test conditions (STC)*:

Data measured at nominal Module Temperature (NMOT)** and AM 1.5
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