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We invite investors to build own house at the elite club and unique nature reserve of South Florida.


Between beautiful ocean beaches of the peninsula is a fantastic nature reserve, a wildlife paradise where you can enjoy the silence and singing of birds, the sunrises and sunsets, the smoothness of lakes and picturesque views of flora and fauna.


The private club, next to the business centres of Florida, occupies 1500 hectares of a secured territory including 1000 hectares of the reserve. Throughout the club, communications and roads had built. Entrance to the territory possible for members of the club and their family members only. Relatives, friends, and guests may visit you at your invitation.

In addition, the territory has large hunting grounds, a private airport and a sports shooting range with certified rifled weapons and a wide choice of pistols. The club has its own stables, equestrian arena, and kilometres of horse trails, restaurant, gym, heated pool, tennis courts, guest houses, camping for guests.


On the territory of the club is a private airport that will allow you to move to the right place without wasting time waiting at the airport terminals. Only 40 minutes’ flight and you are in the Caribbean islands or 30 minutes, and you are taking part in the annual event “The Great American Race”. Here, if you wish, you can learn how to pilot and get a pilot’s certificate. By purchasing your own plane, you can park it in a closed hangar next to the take-off strip.

Your own territory to build a family house has a size of 1,0 to 1,5 hectares. On the plot will build a house 200 or more square meters with solar architectural panels integrated into the roof to generate own electricity, garage for two cars, parking, heated swimming pool, systems of water treatment, guest house, hangar or stable.

The house is energy efficient, ecology safe, durable, quiet and comfortable compared to conventional. It will build by the innovative technology ICFs (Insulating Concrete Forms). This is a modern and reliable technology for houses with excellent hydro, heat and sound insulation.

The concrete walls resist harmful mould, dust, and allergens, protect the house from wind, storm, hurricane, and fire, reduce your costs for electricity consumption, insurance costs, air conditioning, and heat recovery.

In addition, the architectural panels on the roof of your house may be different colours. Unlike conventional photovoltaic modules, our panels use the reflection of sunlight to get their own colour. Front glass reflects a narrow spectral range of visible light to generate panel colour. It converts the rest of the light spectrum into energy.

The standard colour of the panel is black, optional are green, grey, gold, yellow-green, bronze, light grey, and blue.

The solar architectural panel is an innovative building material. It is a multifunctional module that generates solar electrical energy. The panels meet the main construction requirements, offer high environmental characteristics, improve the energy characteristics of the house and generate electricity.

Superior living conditions and tremendous nature reserve will allow you to travel at “time machine” to the Wild West and use at the same time the latest innovative technologies in your cosy house. This is a perfect place to build a family housing.

We invite to contact us to discuss the project of your house. Since the club is a closed community, you need to pass our registration in advance and agree on the date of your visit.

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