Solar Project in Armenia

The first in the Republic of Armenia solar station of the third generation of CIGS high-efficiency modules was built by company Agratech LLC – our local installer in Armenia.


In the project, we have used the thin film photovoltaic CIGS modules that generate more power during the warm season, as well as at the absent-minded and weak light. They are manufactured without of silicon and they have fewer electricity expenses under production. The modules have a good price/quality ratio, and benefit of energy payback, and, hence, they reduce the cost of each watt of generated energy.

Plant Information


Plant Name: Solar Animals Farm

Plant Address: G. Njdeh

Country: Armenia

System Size: 19,14 kW

Module producer: Bekar Europe

Installation: V. Zorin (dipl. electrical-engineer), A. Avakyan (manager)

Construction Period: 2 weeks

Commissioned: Nov.18, 2017

Annual Energy supply: 24000 kWh

Yearly in-plain irradiation: 1520 kWh/m²

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