The new generation of solar architectural panels now in mass production.

We offer the new solar architectural panels of top-quality, high performance, scalable and different colours. The excellent panels may integrate to the roof or walls of homes and they produce electric energy that makes the opportunity for homeowners to be the Independent Power Producer (IPP). It is not a traditional solar module - it is an aesthetic construction materia. Continue reading>>

Solar Modules for Architectural Projects
Excelight - New Era of Lighting

A power outage comes unanticipated and puts our life on hold. Since power outages are unpredictable, the best thing to do – is to be prepared. The Excelight led-bulb runs like normal bulbs, but in case of emergency, it will continue to light your house. Our led light bulb with built-in micro lithium-ion backup battery provides your home with light both in daily life and up to 4 hours in case of an emergency. Energy storage technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and this contributes to the growth of new ideas and technical solutions. Continue reading>>

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