Let the light shine out of the darkness

The Excelight led-bulb runs like normal bulbs, but in case of emergency, it will continue to light your house. Energy storage technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and this contributes to the growth of new ideas and technical solutions. Today the performances of micro-lithium-ion batteries allow accumulating energy for using in life-threatening situations. Combining innovation, we achieved a reliable and long-lasting lamp's operational after electricity outages.

A power outage comes unanticipated and puts our life on hold. Since power outages are unpredictable, the best thing to do – is to be prepared. The Excelight led light bulb with built-in micro lithium-ion backup battery provides your home with light both in daily life and up to 4 hours in case of an emergency. Built-in battery recharges as soon as the grid restored. The light bulb is easy and safe in use. Product certified by CE, RoHS.

Technical Specifications

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