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World Management Inc., UK offers solar power plants on a turnkey or the supply of photovoltaic modules, mounting systems and equipment for grid-connected or off-grid power plants that mount on the ground or on the roof. We are always with you as your professional consultant, designer, supplier and builder. We are glad to cooperate with industrial, state and municipal enterprises, and with private and commercial companies, farmers and industrial enterprises on issues related to the renewable energy industry.


To create an effective solar power plant possible only under the condition of an individual approach to the project, predicting, calculating and analyzing the work of the future solar station before using the construction phase. Every new project created of a solar power plant begins with a deep study of using the profit of the project. Simulating a solar plant, we help investors in making the right decisions. We recommend the commercial, state and municipal enterprises to pick out of equipment, components and places suitable for construction to maximize the benefits and efficiency of your investment projects.


-   Institutional and private investors;
-   Industrial, trading and commercial companies;
-   State and municipal institutions;
-   Farmers and industrial enterprises;
-   Wholesale sellers of electrical products;
-   Installers of photovoltaic systems.


Investigation of the project

World Management Inc., UK conducts a preliminary study of land plots to build solar power plants. For suitable sites, we figure the main limits of the solar station, and the levels of solar radiation, analyze the local infrastructure and connectivity to power lines. We offer everything you need for your station from one source - from efficient solar modules to installation systems and construction of solar power plants on the turnkey.

Consulting and planning

World Management Inc., using innovative calculation technologies, tests uses of the land by using a construe a solar station, the best profitability of the project, and only then creates a technical task (TT) for the entire plant design, considering components. We plan the results of energy production by your station and your income from start the project.

-   Do you need the recommendations of the location of your solar station?
-   Did you choose the equipment for the station, and by what choice criteria?
-   Did you calculate the main characteristics, size and power of your station?
-   Will your roof be able to withstand the load of the power plant, or it should be strengthened?
-   Will your constructing withstand the wind and snow loads?
-   What is the corrosion resistance of your mounting?
-   How is the ownership of the solar station to resolve?

We will find answers to these and many other important questions and create an optimal design for your power plant. For construction, installation and maintenance, we will attract local specialists who meet the strict quality criteria. Wherever your station built, whether on the roof of your Agro-industrial farm, warehouse, factory or garage, whether it's a private or multi-megawatt municipal solar station, only detailed planning and development of TT will make your project successful.

Since our planning considers the prognosis of profitable of your project, we will recommend you not only technical but also financial and legal aspects, and also offer you the best strategy for repaying your investments.


We will build your solar power plant under your requests for the price and quality. Since we work with well-known and certified companies, components and equipment of the station meet the international quality standards.

World Management Inc. is always at the forefront of innovative technologies, and we are striving to occupy key positions in the solar energy industry. As an international integrator, we watch the entire market for new technologies, choosing the best engineering solutions and components to offer you the best options for building power plants at minimal cost. This allows us to be more independent, flexible to respond to innovations and market changes and to work faster than many of our competitors.

Successful construction of a turnkey station requires a good organization, precise coordination, industrial and transport logistics of the many components, nodes and equipment of the station, up to the last detail. We use the possibilities to reduce your expenses and save time to build the station. Our mounting systems on the roof or on the ground reduce the costs and time of installation of the solar power plant.

Operation and control

We work in cooperation with the world's leading companies to develop solutions for remote monitoring of solar stations. For example, in the event of a malfunction or security problem, the monitoring system allows quick, focused, and, above all, concerted measures to protect personnel and equipment. The monitoring system monitors the output parameters of the solar station around the clock to ensure its optimum performance.

We offer the additional services:

-   Station monitoring with a detailed analysis and report;
-   Annual inspection of the station;
-   Maintenance of medium voltage lines;
-   Maintenance of photovoltaic modules and their cleaning;
-   Low-voltage supply for the solar station;
-   Maintenance of inverters.

The expenses for routine repairs are at a fixed rate.

Care and maintenance

The high-quality standards of World Management Inc. also apply to the organization of the maintenance and care of your solar station. Providing income in the long term requires the uninterrupted of systems at full capacity. As an operator or user of a solar power plant, you must follow the rules by using time of maintenance, assess risks and, besides, predict the return of your investment from the first day, from each ray of the sun.

High quality

World Management Inc. guarantees that customers will get the quality and technical characteristics of the station they expected. We cooperate with institutions that check the design of a solar power plant, from the start of construction.

For your questions, contact: marketing@wmi-lp.com. In your inquiries sign your name and contacts.

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